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The data entry form is designed using software and it is made to appear on the computer monitor so that the data is entered.WHILE the class was circling the room, the monitor from the principal's office brought Miss Mason a note.Emotional competence (selfregulation and self-monitoring of emotions, honesty, politeness, good conduct, and self-evaluation).Since political environment keeps on changing, one needs to monitor political changes on an ongoing basis in the concerned countries and devise strategies to deal with diverse political risks.) computerised warning and monitoring systems were in place, whereas the UC plant in Bhopal relied on manual gauges and the human senses to detect gas leaks.The organisations that monitor and issue these certificates allow producers to use their logos provided they follow certain quality standards.And, the enterprises that continuously monitor their environment and adopt suitable business practices are the ones which not only improve their present performance but also continue to succeed in the market for a longer period.1 5 REGULATION OF KIDNEY FUNCTION The functioning of the kidneys is efficiently monitored and regulated by hormonal feedback mechanisms involving the hypothalamus, JGA and to a certain extent, the heart.Self-regulation refers to our ability to organise and monitor our own behaviour.The box explains how an import-export company was able to track dishonest employees by using computer monitoring as a part of their control system.She has to then ensure that there is adequate workforce and continuously monitor whether production is proceeding according to plans.Therefore, the major emphasis in recent years is on proper monitoring of all the poverty alleviation programmes.Heat evolved during the reaction is transferred to the water around the bomb and its temperature is monitored.He was regularly monitoring the comet, now clearly visible even to the naked eye.Thus, under this system, the monitory effect of a transaction is taken into account in the period in which they are earned rather than in the period in which cash is actually received or paid by the enterprise.

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