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More than 80 previously non-democratic countries have made significant advances towards democracy since 1980.Humus is a major factor in deciding the soil structure because it causes the soil to become more porous and allows water and air to penetrate deep underground.While this interconnectedness across countries has many dimensions — cultural, political, social and economic — this chapter looks at globalisation in a more limited sense.While key and entity constraints are specified on individual relation, the referential integrity constraint is specified between two or more relations.While local trade is carried in cities, towns and villages, state level trade is carried between two or more states.In case of the whole business being taken over if the amount of debentures issued is more than the amount of the net assets taken over, Its difference (excess) will be treated as value of goodwill and the same shall also be debited while passing the journal entry for the purchase of vender's business (see Illustration 10).When the number of accounts to be debited or credited is more than one, entry made for recording the transaction is called compound journal entry.There is close and continuous contact between the trading centres and the participants deal in more than one market.If debt component of the total long-term funds employed is small, outsiders feel more secure.But the lending institutions may insist on some more assets as collateral security so that the amount of loan can be realised in full with the help of collateral security in case the amount from the sale of principal security should fall short of the loan money.We should plant more trees to increase the green cover.The declining importance of agriculture and growing importance of industry and services should be related to the experience of the children by taking more examples that they may observe in their day-to-day life.For doing this, we need to know more about how our choices affect the environment, these effects may be immediate or longterm or long-ranging.Every company shall create Debenture Redemption Reserve in case of issue of debenture redeemable after a period of more than 18 months from the date of issue.Tea came to Europe only in the sixteenth century and was drunk more as medicine than as beverage.

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