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Help children identify the paragraphs that tell us about the two musicians goals.She also gives high priority to classes for young musicians.For example, a person can be a girl, a sister and a musician.After they read and understand these parts of the text, they can organise the ideas in two paragraphs, one on each musician.A barber of a family of professional musicians, who had access to the royal palace, decided to improve the tonal quality of the pungi.But this aspiring musician faced a bigger challenge than most: she was profoundly deaf.The portraits of musicians given in the beginning may be supplemented by others that the children can be asked to bring to class.We can find out about the lives of hunters, herders, farmers, rulers, merchants, priests, crafts persons, artists, musicians, and scientists.हम शिकारियों, पशुपालकों, कृषकों, शासकों, व्यापारियों, पुरोहितों, शिल्पकारों, कलाकारों, संगीतकारों या फिर वैज्ञानिकों के जीवन के बारे में जानकारियाँ हासिल कर सकते हैं|However, what makes the composition of a musician unique or different is his use of these notes in a creative manner that is entirely his own interpretation.Born on 21 March 1916, Bismillah belongs to a well-known family of musicians from Bihar.

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