One or two example sentences

Once you see the history behind one or two such issues, you may begin to ask historical questions about other such aspects of ordinary life which you have taken for granted.Meant for one nuclear family, it was a large singlestoreyed structure with a pitched roof, and usually set in one or two acres of open ground.Now, supposing a landlord, Sukhram, comes and hires one or two members of the family to work on his land.“As for the girls,” she said, “although just one or two sketches were submitted by most, one girl — and Room Thirteen should be proud of her — this one girl actually drew one hundred designs — all different and all beautiful.The zygote develops into an embryo (with one or two cotyledons) and the PEN develops into endosperm which provides nourishment to the developing embryo.The next morning at about eight-thirty I took my friend and one or two others to my room to move my things from there.These two groups of elements have high negative electron gain enthalpies and readily add one or two electrons respectively to attain the stable noble gas configureuration.The only poets from England the simple Gemini staff knew or heard of were Wordsworth and Tennyson; the more literate ones knew of Keats, Shelley and Byron; and one or two might have faintly come to know of someone by the name Eliot.

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