Opposed example sentences

On 6 August 1857, we find a telegram sent by Lieutenant Colonel Tytler to his Commander-in-Chief expressing the fear felt by the British: “Our men are cowed by the numbers opposed to them and the endless figurehting.The Bolsheviks were totally opposed to private property.Some persons and associations opposed to this order filed a number of cases in the courts.Parliamentarians wishing to preserve elected government, were opposed to the Tsar's desire to dissolve the Duma.Opposed to the forces of secessionism and communalism.Conservatives were opposed to radicals and liberals.He was opposed to foreign companies taking away natural resources like copper from the country.Liberals also opposed the uncontrolled power of dynastic rulers.He and the Bolsheviks had opposed the war since 191 Now he felt it was time for soviets to take over power.The back colour property specifies background colour, as opposed to text colour, for the control.Opposed to the privileges the old aristocracy had by birth, they firmly believed in the value of individual effort, labour and enterprise.Some other political parties in Chile also opposed his government.As opposed to programmed reports, casual reports are generated as and when required.Luther was strongly opposed to the practice of “indulgences” or making donations to the Church so as to gain forgiveness from sins.Earlier, in the eighteenth century, conservatives had been generally opposed to the idea of change.

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