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Rainfall patterns are decided by the prevailing wind patterns.Change in cropping pattern for example from cereals to high-value crops will mean that India will have to import food.Inter-cropping is growing two or more crops simultaneously on the same field in a definite pattern (Figureure1 2).Such a relatively stable pattern of behaviour represents the “personality” of that person.Through the policy of 1991, the government of India moved the country to this globalisation pattern.Obtaining funds through factoring is cheaper than financing through other means such as bank credit; With cash flow accelerated by factoring, the client is able to meet his/her liabilities promptly as and when these arise; Factoring as a source of funds is flexible and ensures a definite pattern of cash inflows from credit sales.This pattern came from very small carbon crystals embedded in the iron.For many people the pattern of alcohol abuse extends to dependence.All pteridophytes exhibit this pattern (Figureure 7 c).with a fleet of 7817 locomotives, 5321 passenger service vehicles, 4904 other coach vehicles and 228, 170 wagons as on 31 March 200 The distribution pattern of the Railway network in the country has been largely influenced by physiographic, economic and administrative factors.Streets in this redevelopment strictly followed the grid pattern, and were of identical width, size and character.After the above activity, would you be very surprised to learn that regions of water scarcity are closely correlated to the regions of acute poverty? A study of rainfall patterns does not reveal the whole truth behind the water availability in various regions in India.Despite this diversity, two broad cropping patterns can be identified.Different stressors may produce somewhat different patterns of stress reaction, and different individuals may have different characteristic modes of response.Lothar Meyer plotted the physical properties such as atomic volume, melting point and boiling point against atomic weight and obtained a periodically repeated pattern.

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