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Having received the payment for exports, the exporter needs to get a bank certificate of payment.Is there a way to take into account the earnings made by Indians abroad or by the factors of production owned by Indians? When we try to do this, in order to maintain symmetry, we must deduct the earnings of the foreigners who are working within our domestic economy, or the payments to the factors of production owned by the foreigners.Sometimes the customers give standing instructions to the bank to make some payment regularly on stated days to the third parties.After customs clearance and payment of dock charges to the port authorities and freight charges to the shipping company, goods are loaded on the ship.Bank certificate of payment is a certificate that the necessary documents (including bill of exchange) relating to the particular export consignment has been negotiated (i.e., presented to the importer for payment) and the payment has been received in accordance with the exchange control regulations.The Receipt and Payment Account has an opening balance while the Income and Expenditure Account does not.Sometimes a company purchases assets from vendors and instead of making payment in cash issues debentures for consideration thereof.A bill is said to have been dishonoured when the drawee fails to make the payment on the date of maturity.The average period of payment can be worked out by days/months in a year by the turnover rate.Thus, Receipt and Payment Account gives summarised picture of various receipts and payments, irrespective of whether they pertain to the current period, previous period or succeeding period or whether they are of capital or revenue nature.Even the most brilliant executive or manager cannot accurately remember the numerous amount of varied transactions such as purchases, sales, receipts, payments, etc.After payment of dock charges, the importer is given back one copy of the application as a receipt.Under this arrangement, the goods are sent through post and are delivered to the customers only on making full payment for the same.The Receipts and Payments Account is a summarised cash book which records all cash Receipts and cash Payments without distinguishing between capital and revenue items, and between items relating to the current year and those relating to previous or future years.Irredeemable debentures are also known as Perpetual Debentures because the company does not given any undertaking for the repayment of money borrowed by issuing such debentures.

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