Point of view example sentences

The accounting records are made in the book of accounts from the point of view of the business unit and not that of the owner.To understand the way we view work and define work from the point of view of science, let us consider some situations: Push a pebble lying on a surface.A better measure of profitability from shareholders point of view is obtained by determining return on total shareholders fund, it is also termed as Return on Net Worth (RONW).Income statement gives a quantitative interpretation of policies, expenses, knowledge, foresight and aggressiveness of the management of a business from the point of view of income, expenses, gross profit, operating profit and net profit or loss.Whenever they wished to challenge a practice that seemed harmful, they tried to find a verse or sentence in the ancient sacred texts that supported their point of view.t has been suggested by psychologists that giftedness from the teachers point of view depends on a combination of high ability, high creativity, and high commitment.Today, almost everybody who is literate will have read an interview at some point in their lives, while from the other point of view, several thousand celebrities have been interviewed over the years, some of them repeatedly.This ratio is again very important from equity shareholders point of view as it gives an idea about the value of their holding and affects market price of the shares.This ratio is very important from equity shareholders point of view and so also for the share price in the stock market.From a practical point of view, bringing about a change in people's attitudes is of interest to community leaders, politicians, producers of consumer goods, advertisers, and others.From the socio-psychological point of view, the most commonly accepted definition of poverty is that it is a condition in which there is a lack of necessities of life in the context of unequal distribution of wealth in society.Therefore, from the accounting point of view, it is better to place the situation of over subscription within the total frame of application and allotment, i.e. receipt of application amount, amount due on allotment and its receipt from the shareholders, and the same has been observed in the pattern of entries.According to this point of view, psychological problems are caused by inadequacies in the way an individual thinks, feels, or perceives the world.To place certain elements into the correct group from the point of view of their chemical properties, Mendeleev reversed the order of some pairs of elements and asserted that their atomic masses were incorrect.From security point of view, capital structure with less debt and more equity is considered favourable as it reduces the chances of bankruptcy.

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