Point out example sentences

When a number of people put their head together, they are able to point out possible mistakes in any decision.Interested parties were quick to point out that the great aim of the English was to turn us all into Christians, and they had therefore introduced the cartridge in order to bring this about, since both Mahommedans and Hindus would be defiled by using it.They point out that no large scale famine has ever taken place in an independent and democratic country.But as these chapters also point out, a lot still remains to be done.We may point out that the final expenditure incurred by the government includes both the consumption and investment expenditure (d) the export revenues that firm i earns by selling its goods and services abroad.For example, an advertisement for cooking food in a pressure cooker may point out that this saves fuel such as cooking gas (LPG) and is economical (rational appeal).

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