Pray example sentences

Spraying sugarcane crop with gibberellins increases the length of the stem, thus increasing the yield by as much as 20 tonnes per acre.Soon I was praying for crowd-shooting all the time.Studies show that cornfields sprayed with herbicides are more prone to insect attack and plant disease than fields that are weeded manually.The weedicides are diluted with water to the extent required and sprayed in the fields with a sprayer.He began the practice of setting up namghars or houses of recitation and prayer, a practice that continues to date.Under the same tree I sat and began to say the same prayers.As already mentioned, the weedicides are sprayed during the vegetative growth of weeds before flowering and seed formation.You have already studied about the burning of fossil fuels in Chapter Other kinds of pollutants are chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which are used in refrigerators, air conditioners and aerosol sprays.Exorcism, i.e. removing the evil that resides in the individual through countermagic and prayer, is still commonly used.And how may you be getting on? We just get along somehow, my angel, thanks to your prayers, and so on.He would stop briefly at the temple and pray for a pair of shoes.They should cover their nose and mouth with a piece of cloth during spraying of these chemicals.Other organic substances with serious impacts are the pesticides that drift down from sprays or runoff from lands.The headwaters of the Ganga, called the 'Bhagirathi' is fed by the Gangotri Glacier and joined by the Alaknanda at Devaprayag in Uttaranchal.Spraying of weedicides may affect the health of farmers.

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