Pray example sentences

Under the same tree I sat and began to say the same prayers.Other organic substances with serious impacts are the pesticides that drift down from sprays or runoff from lands.They should cover their nose and mouth with a piece of cloth during spraying of these chemicals.And how may you be getting on? We just get along somehow, my angel, thanks to your prayers, and so on.Spraying of weedicides may affect the health of farmers.He would stop briefly at the temple and pray for a pair of shoes.These chemicals are sprayed on crop plants or used for treating seeds and soil.A faint light appeared in the east and the morning call for prayer came from a distant mosque.This area looks lush and green with lawns maintained by a generous spraying of water.Exorcism, i.e. removing the evil that resides in the individual through countermagic and prayer, is still commonly used.I faced a continuous barrage of conjectural questions that sprayed all the Mustellines but the otter; more random guesses hit on 'a baby seal' and 'a squirrel.Won't you give me just four rupees? After the prayer I offered namaaz, recited ten surats, ayat-alkursi, kalma-e-tayyab, in fact everything that I remembered.Spraying sugarcane crop with gibberellins increases the length of the stem, thus increasing the yield by as much as 20 tonnes per acre.You have already studied about the burning of fossil fuels in Chapter Other kinds of pollutants are chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which are used in refrigerators, air conditioners and aerosol sprays.He began the practice of setting up namghars or houses of recitation and prayer, a practice that continues to date.

Meaning in Hindi Meaning in English 1. After the devastation, Santa Rosa churchgoers pray together 2. Investigative thriller 'Pray for Rain' offers oversimplified explanation for drought 3. Let’s hope and pray this mass shooting is the last mass shooting 4. Despite agreement, clashes erupt at Jerusalem shrine as Muslims return to pray 5. Florida Gov. Rick Scott: 'The biggest thing right now is pray for us' 6. Temptation? Could it be Satan — and God? 7. 'Eat, Pray, Love's' new surprise ending: another woman 8. USC is hoping to get De'Anthony Melton back in time for Friday night game with Oklahoma 9. Review: 'Pray to Ball' an inventive take on a little-explored topic 10. As California burns, Congress plans to slash tax write-offs for fires and other disasters 11. 'Eat, Pray, Love' author Elizabeth Gilbert joins pantheon of literary podcasters 12. Worshipers in San Bernardino pray, grieve and try to make sense of the shooting 13. Lin-Manuel Miranda releases a star-studded Puerto Rico tribute song, ‘Almost Like Praying’ 14. In 'One Mississippi' Season 2 trailer, Tig Notaro prays for the gay to stay 15. For second time in months, big-city disaster affects Lakers' Corey Brewer 16. Katy Perry says she used to 'pray the gay away' at 'Jesus camps' 17. Tensions as Paris suburb tries to stop Muslim street prayers 18. Another opportunity to do nothing about gun violence in America 19. Minister, imam and rabbi pray for healing in Dallas 20. 'Pray for Arnold': Trump keeps trashing 'Apprentice' ratings, but are they really that bad?