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Unable to compete with Indian textiles, English producers wanted a secure market within the country by preventing the entry of Indian textiles.A series of states were set up on the boundaries of France to prevent French expansion in future.The government can, at times, prevent the media from publishing a story and this is called censorship.Absence of collateral is one of the major reasons which prevents the poor from getting bank loans.Those who hold political power should sometimes be able to regulate the practice of religion so as to prevent discrimination and oppression.To prevent such exploitation, we have talked of rules and regulations for their protection.You may have already realised that the need of the hour is to conserve and manage our water resources, to safeguard ourselves from health hazards, to ensure food security, continuation of our livelihoods and productive activities and also to prevent degradation of our natural ecosystems.The developing countries, however, have been given a greater freedom to decide about the period by which they would liberalise and also the services they would like to liberalise by that period GATS provides that trade in services is governed by 'Most Favoured Nations' (MFN) obligation that prevents countries from discriminating among foreign suppliers and services.Second: it prevented Company weavers from dealing with other buyers.Aggression is an expression, and consequence of frustration, i.e. an emotional state that arises when a person is prevented from reaching a goal, or attaining an object that s/he wants.When the colonial government prevented people from entering the reserved forests, how could the iron smelters find wood for charcoal? Where could they get iron ore? Defying forest laws, they often entered the forests secretly and collected wood, but they could not sustain their occupation on this basis for long.Some other preventive measures against pests are the use of resistant varieties, and summer ploughing, in which fields are ploughed deep in summers to destroy weeds and pests.A cartilaginous flap called epiglottis prevents the entry of food into the glottis – opening of the wind pipe – during swallowing.This ensures maximum utilisation of the nutrients supplied, and also prevents pests and diseases from spreading to all the plants belonging to one crop in a field.These events are called 'disasters' because they cannot be prevented, usually come without any warning, and result in immense damage to human lives and property.

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