Profound example sentences

Over exploitation and mismanagement of water resources will impoverish this resource and cause ecological crisis that may have profound impact on our lives.However, the beginning of the 20th century witnessed profound developments in theories about sub-atomic particles.I immediately realised that your result has profound implications, if it is correct.The English chemist, John Alexander Newlands in 1865 profounded the Law of Octaves.I have retained the most profound admiration for that air hostess; she was the very queen of her kind.The different levels of retardation are: mild retardation ( Qs 55 69), moderate retardation ( Qs 40 54), severe retardation ( Qs 25 39), and profound retardation ( Qs below 25).It was a time of profound social and economic changes.ndividuals with profound and severe retardation are incapable of managing life and need constant care for their entire lives.But this aspiring musician faced a bigger challenge than most: she was profoundly deaf.Children with autism experience profound difficulties in relating to other people.

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