Punish example sentences

They acted arrogantly, marched into villages with sepoys and peons, and punished weavers for delays in supply – often beating and flogging them.The experimenter informed the respondents in the study that they were participating in an experiment to study the effects of punishment on learning.During this stage, the male child experiences the Oedipus Complex, which involves love for the mother, hostility towards the father, and the consequent fear of punishment or castration by the father (Oedipus was a Greek king who unknowingly killed his father and then married his mother).For example, children whose parents use physical punishment end up becoming more aggressive than children whose parents use other disciplinary techniques.For instance, to ensure that every worker gets fair wages, the government has to regularly inspect work sites and punish those who violate the law.There are legal provisions to punish the defaulters.Those found guilty of disobeying the rules were severely punished.Her/his colleagues are asked to decide on what punishment s/he should be given.Suppose you favour capital punishment for heinous crimes, what would happen if you were interacting with and discussing this issue with like-minded people? After this interaction, your views may become stronger.The person will be praised if the performance is good (reward), or criticised if it is bad (punishment).They may let her/him go scot-free or decide to terminate her/his services instead of imposing a punishment which may be commensurate with the unethical act s/he had engaged in.In such cases, people conform because deviation from group may lead to rejection or at the least, non-acceptance of some form of punishment.Instead, we learn them by observing others being rewarded or punished for expressing thoughts, or showing behaviour of a particular kind towards the attitude object.Therefore, the role of reference groups in attitude formation may also be a case of learning through reward and punishment.Activists have asked that those who have forcibly encroached upon tribal lands should be punished under this law.

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