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In recent years, Friedman and Rosenman have classified individuals into Type-A and Type-B personalities.In Hyderabad, a recent report shows that the department has increased coverage and improved performance in revenue collection.A recent study4 by the Planning Commission has estimated that to transfer Re1 to the poor, government spends Rs 65 in the form of food subsidy, showing that cash transfers would lead to increase in welfare.Reports suggest that the area under forest cover has slightly increased in recent years.Recently it was discovered that this ozone layer was getting depleted.This was one of the worst instances of killings based on ethnic prejudices in recent times.n recent years, our understanding of creativity has broadened.In recent years the conviction has grown that it is how we cope with stress and not the stress one experiences that influences our psychological well-being, social functioning and health.Some of your friends come to you with a letter of protest against a rule that has been recently announced, i.e. banning use of mobile phones in the school.For example, recent technological, advances in computers and electronics have modified the ways in which companies advertise their products.The powers of the Prime Minister in all parliamentary democracies of the world have increased so much in recent decades that parliamentary democracies are some times seen as Prime Ministerial form of government.Two banks — UTI Bank ($240 million) and Centurion Bank ($70 million) — raised funds from the GDR market recently.Although modern organisations are of recent origin, organised activity has existed since the time of the ancient civilisations.Recently, many powerful countries in the world, particularly the United States of America, have taken on the task of democracy promotion in the rest of the world.5 ºC can have such a serious effect! Paheli tells him that she had read in the newspapers recently that the Gangotri glacier in the Himalayas has started melting because of global warming.

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