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For societies which have been built for long on the basis of subordination and domination, it is not a simple matter to recognize that all individuals are equal.In fact, it is now recognized that the Periodic Law is essentially the consequence of the periodic variation in electronic configureurations, which indeed determine the physical and chemical properties of elements and their compounds.To avoid such problems, the IUPAC has made recommendation that until a new element s discovery is proved, and its name is officially recognized, a systematic nomenclature be derived directly from the atomic number of the element using the numerical roots for 0 and numbers 1- These are shown in Table The roots are put together in order of digits.Four types of elements can be recognized in the periodic table on the basis of their electronic configureurations.He fully recognized the significance of periodicity and used broader range of physical and chemical properties to classify the elements.Thus, the Act sets out to punish anyone who wrongfully occupies or cultivates any land owned by, or allotted to, … a member of a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe or gets the land allotted to him transferred; At another level, the Act recognizes that crimes against Dalit and tribal women are of a specific kind and, therefore, seeks to penalise anyone who assaults or uses force on any woman belonging to a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe with intent to dishonour her.

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