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You would then ask, How does PS supply electrons continuously? The electrons that were moved from photosystem must be replaced.Suppose that we like to replace the series combination of electric lamp and conductor by a single and equivalent resistor.One or more hydrogen atoms of alkanes can be replaced by halogens, nitro group and sulphonic acid group.The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were known as the Age of Reason and Enlightenment, as the scientific method replaced faith and dogma as ways of understanding abnormal behaviour.The essence of this approach is to replace negative and irrational thoughts with positive and rational ones.Some cells in the adult animals do not appear to exhibit division (e.g., heart cells) and many other cells divide only occasionally, as needed to replace cells that have been lost because of injury or cell death.During the period of rising prices, the market value or the cost at (which the assets can be replaced are higher than the value at which these are shown in the book of accounts) leading to hidden profits.So, instead of considering a bulk investment for replacement after twenty years, we consider an annual depreciation cost every year.Every year an enormous amount of money is spent to replace damaged iron.A part of the capital goods produced this year goes for replacement of existing capital goods and is not an addition to the stock of capital goods already existing and its value needs to be subtracted from gross investment for arriving at the measure for net investment.Though it is one of the important textile cities in the country, of late, the cotton textile industry of Osaka has been replaced by other industries, such as iron and steel, machinery, shipbuilding, automobiles, electrical equipment and cement.He was against mass production and wanted to replace it with the production by the masses.If aluminium atoms replace few silicon atoms in three-dimensional network of silicon dioxide, overall structure known as aluminosilicate, acquires a negative charge.Within a year, 70 to 80 per cent of the toy shops have replaced Indian toys with Chinese toys.The replacement of a hydrogen atom by a sulphonic acid group in a ring is called sulphonation.

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