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Besides revealing profitability, it is the main variable in computation of Return on Investment.A perusal of the above Access Form for Credit oucher reveals that there are four labels: oucher No, Date, Prepared By and Authorised By in Dark bold letters.The census of 1931 revealed that the walled city area was horribly crowded with as many as 90 persons per acre, while New Delhi had only about 3 persons per acre.A psychologist records such details because something of significance may be revealed in the process of observation.Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) in 1770 performed a series of experiments that revealed the essential role of air in the growth of green plants.After the above activity, would you be very surprised to learn that regions of water scarcity are closely correlated to the regions of acute poverty? A study of rainfall patterns does not reveal the whole truth behind the water availability in various regions in India.I struck it sharply with the side of my fist and the drawer flew open to reveal a shallow space underneath, a secret drawer.The case of Rashmi reveals an important fact of managerial work; it is not always possible to get the best of work from employees merely by exercising formal authority.Do you know how many industries are based on forest produce? A short count reveals timber, paper, lac and sports equipment.Surplus or deficit revealed by the Income and Expenditure Account is transferred to capital/general fund.A closer look at the above situations reveals that two conditions need to be satisfied for work to be done: a force should act on an object, and the object must be displaced.It reveals the efficiency of the business in utilisation of funds entrusted to it by shareholders, debenture-holders and long-term liabilities.Since we do not know the power of the senders of these spacecraft, and we are still in the dark about their intentions, it is wise not to reveal our existence.Ratio analysis is indispensable part of interpretation of results revealed by the financial statements.If we destroy these spaceships or render them ineffective, we might reveal our existence.

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