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They announced rewards for loyal landholders would be allowed to continue to enjoy traditional rights over their lands.Therefore, the role of reference groups in attitude formation may also be a case of learning through reward and punishment.The other and more realistic way is to set up a system where political leaders are rewarded for serving the people and punished for not doing so.Cooperative reward structure is one in which there is promotive interdependence.Often it is not through association, or through reward and punishment, that we learn attitudes.The other and more realistic way is to set up a system where political leaders are rewarded for serving the people and punished for not doing so.The rewards in cooperative situations are group rewards and not individual rewards.Some important reasons for absenteeism are bad working conditions, inadequate rewards, lack of recognition, poor relations with supervisors and colleagues etc.Who decides this reward or punishment? The simple answer is: the people.In Tata Steel several initiatives have been taken to further improve the motivation levels and participation in the decision making process of the officers, greater impetus to training through a formalised system of a personal development programme, talent review and job rotation systems, compensation linked to the performance management system, formal rewards and recognition systems, knowledge management systems linked with appraisals, leadership opportunities in quality circles, continuous improvement and value engineering programmes and an extremely transparent and credible multi-path communication system to address queries and concerns of all employees through various dialogues both formal and online, with such tools as video conferencing, MD Online , special dialogues with senior management, meetings, conferences and seminars.Positive motivation provides positive rewards like increase in pay, promotion, recognition etc.Parents and teachers should be specially careful not to encourage or reward aggression in any form.For example, in the case of a simple or familiar task, the person is more sure of performing well, and the eagerness to get praise or reward is stronger.For example, a good motivation plan with suitable monetary and non-monetary rewards can motivate an employee to contribute his maximum efforts for the organisation as he or she may feel that their efforts will bring them suitable rewards.Learning attitudes through group or cultural norms may actually be an example of all three forms of learning described above — learning through association, reward or punishment, and modelling.

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