Rift example sentences

The northward drift resulted in the collision of the plate with the much larger Eurasian Plate.This result is known as the Paradox of Thrift – which states that as people become more thrifty they end up saving less or same as before.One can calculate this drift speed of electrons for a typical copper wire carrying a small current, and it is found to be actually very small, of the order of 1 mm s- How is it then that an electric bulb lights up as soon as we turn the switch on? It cannot be that a current starts only when an electron from one terminal of the electric supply physically reaches the other terminal through the bulb, because the physical drift of electrons in the conducting wires is a very slow process.It also flows in a rift valley parallel to the Narmada but it is much shorter in length.In the hushed silence of the house when I am quite alone, and my friend, who was here has gone, it is very lonely, very quiet, as I sit in a liquid silence, a silence within, surrounded by the rhythm of rain, the steady drift of water on leaves, on lemons, on roof, drumming on drenched dahlias and window panes, while the mist holds the house in a dark caress.It was formed due to the breaking and drifting of the Gondwana land and thus, making it a part of the oldest landmass.Note that it does not move at all as other stars drift from east to west.But now, after thirty bitter years of being adrift, their livelihood having even being more precarious, they keep asking: “Are we the only ones chosen to make sacrifices for the nation.When a steady current flows through a conductor, the electrons in it move with a certain average 'drift speed'.The convectional currents split the crust into a number of pieces, thus leading to the drifting of the Indo-Australian plate after being separated from the Gondwana land, towards north.It flows towards the west in a rift valley formed due to faulting.Suppose at the initial equilibrium of Y = 250, there is an exogenous or autonomous shift in peoples' expenditure pattern – they suddenly become more thrifty.MIDWAY between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore sits a piece of heaven that must have drifted from the kingdom of god.Other organic substances with serious impacts are the pesticides that drift down from sprays or runoff from lands.Jody allowed his thoughts to drift back to the fawn.

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