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Sectoral classification can be done on the basis of several criteria.In an economy there could be one or more sectors which are dominant in terms of total production and employment, while other sectors are relatively small in size.Other items include small savings (Post-Office Savings Accounts, National Savings Certificates, etc), provident funds and net receipts obtained from the sale of shares in Public Sector Undertakings.Most workers, today, are employed in the unorganised sector.Another way of classifying economic activities into sectors could be on the basis of who owns assets and is responsible for the delivery of services.In contrast, Kamal works in the unorganised sector.They started living in slums on the outskirts of the cities and the problems of poverty, largely a rural phenomenon also became the feature of the urban sector.The industries, both in the public and the private sector, did provide some jobs.Moreover, growth in the agriculture sector is much below expectations.In the urban areas, unorganised sector comprises mainly of workers in small-scale industry, casual workers in construction, trade and transport etc.This is what distinguishes it from microeconomics; which mostly examines the functioning of the particular sectors of the economy, assuming that the rest of the economy remains the same.The organised sector offers jobs that are the most sought-after.Even at the end of the nineteenth century, less than 20 per cent of the total workforce was employed in technologically advanced industrial sectors.Workers in the organised sector such as Sushila no longer get the protection and benefits that they enjoyed earlier.These SEZs are free from all rules and regulations governing imports and exports units except relating to labour and banking Government has also permitted development of EPZs by private, state or joint sector.

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