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As far as possible, performance should be measured in the same units in which standards are set as this would make their comparison easier.Investing activities relate to purchase and sale of long-term assets or fixed assets such as machinery, furniture, land and building, etc.This method involves the application of a pre-determined proportion/percentage of the book value of the asset at the beginning of every accounting period, so as to calculate the amount of depreciation.A fixed charge is created on a specific asset whereas a floating charge is on the general assets of the company.The fixed charge is created against those assets which are held by a company for use in operations not meant for sale whereas floating charge involves all assets excluding those assigned to the secured creditors.Encouraged by the Socialist Revolutionaries, peasants seized land between July and September 191 As the conflict between the Provisional Government and the Bolsheviks grew, Lenin feared the Provisional Government would set up a dictatorship.He was involved, he told the court, in a “conflict of duties”— on the one hand, not to set a bad example as a lawbreaker; on the other hand, to render the “humanitarian and national service” for which he had come.The balance of asset disposal account shows profit or loss which is transferred to profit and loss account.Set aside the fixed amount of profit for the last year.Let us read the table to see the increase in number of college, universities, enrollment of students and recruitment of teachers since 1951 to 199 Human being is a positive asset and a precious national resource which needs to be cherished, nurtured and developed with tenderness and care, coupled with dynamism.From time-to-time, the government has also setup a number of organisations to provide infrastructural support and marketing assistance to firms engaged in international business.Around the same time jute mills came up in Bengal, the first being set up in 1855 and another one seven years later, in 186 In north India, the Elgin Mill was started in Kanpur in the 1860s, and a year later the first cotton mill of Ahmedabad was set up.Alternatively, capital employed may be taken as the total of non-factious assets current liabilities.50,000, from the revenue of the year in which the asset is purchased.In the first set are included factors like Historical Analysis, Ignores Price-Level Changes, Ignore Qualitative or Non-Monetary Aspects, Limitations of Accounting Data, ariations in Accounting Practices, and Forecasting.

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