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As you read in several instances in this book, these Fundamental Rights have also served time and again as the basis for the making of new laws and establishing certain policies to protect all citizens.The next big push towards democracy came after 1980, as democracy was revived in several countries of Latin America.Thus, common-size statements are useful, both, in intra-firm comparisons over different years and also in making inter-firm comparisons for the same year or for several years.He lost his ration card and applied for a duplicate one in January 200 He made several rounds to the local Food & Civil Supplies office for the next three months.This choice was reflected in several constitutional provisions that we studied last year: There is no official religion for the Indian state.Suppose, the personnel department wants to know whether a certain psychological test can help it to identify potentially best stenographers, it must be established that the test differentiates among employees of several performance levels.Set amidst densely packed mohallas and several dozen bazaars, the Jama Masjid was among the largest and grandest mosques in India.The Ganga-Brahmaputra plain has several big towns and cities.In this tour of democracy we have come across political parties several times.Several of these industries were polluting the neighbourhood and discharge from these industries was polluting the river Yamuna, because they had been set up without following the rules.If the government invests some money in transportation and storage of crops, or makes better rural roads so that mini-trucks reach everywhere several farmers like Laxmi, who now have access to water, can continue to grow and sell these crops.Several of the units have shut down rendering many workers jobless.The rains have heralded the arrival of some seasonal visitors a leopard, and several thousand leeches.The question then is : under what conditions, and with what motives do people help others? Research on pro-social behaviour has brought out several factors that affect pro-social behaviour.Living beings have to perform several basic activities to survive.

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