Shell example sentences

The only poets from England the simple Gemini staff knew or heard of were Wordsworth and Tennyson; the more literate ones knew of Keats, Shelley and Byron; and one or two might have faintly come to know of someone by the name Eliot.For example, the Group 1 elements (alkali metals) all have ns1 valence shell electronic.We have also studied about the filling of electrons into different subshells, also referred to as orbitals (s, p, d, f ) in an atom.A single bond is also represented by a line between the two atoms, as shown in Figureure The atomic number of chlorine is 1 What would be its electronic configureuration and its valency? Chlorine forms a diatomic molecule, Cl Can you draw the electron dot structure for this molecule? Note that only the valence shell electrons need to be depicted.Late in the day, the ship Aurora shelled the Winter Palace.In other words, the ionization enthalpy of the extreme left element in a period is the least and the electron gain enthalpy of the element on the extreme right is the highest negative (note : noble gases having completely filled shells have rather positive electron gain enthalpy values).As a result, the valence electron experiences a net positive charge which is less than the actual charge of + In general, shielding is effective when the orbitals in the inner shells are completely filled.As the war dragged on for several years, TISCO had to produce shells and carriage wheels for the war.Despite this, the percentage of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is a mere fraction of a percent because carbon dioxide is 'fixed' in two ways: Green plants convert carbon dioxide into glucose in the presence of Sunlight and many marine animals use carbonates dissolved in sea-water to make their shells.House number 12 turned out to be nothing but a burned-out shell, the roof gaping, the windows boarded-up.Elements in the same vertical column or group have similar valence shell electronic configureurations, the same number of electrons in the outer orbitals, and similar properties.Elements forming ionic compounds achieve this by either gaining or losing electrons from the outermost shell.Elements of the same group have similar valence shell electronic configureuration and, therefore, exhibit similar chemical properties.On moving down the group, for each successive member one extra shell of electrons is added and, therefore, atomic radius is expected to increase.In the preceding unit we have learnt that an electron in an atom is characterised by a set of four quantum numbers, and the principal quantum number (n ) defines the main energy level known as shell.

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