Something example sentences

In other words, something has changed, and you see that difference.The man felt better and asked for something to drink.“Even if we get organised, we are the ones who will be hauled up by the police, beaten and dragged to jail for doing something illegal,” they say.When we find ways of managing these pressures and can use the energy to create something positive out of the situation, then we will have learned to survive healthily and this will leave us more stress fit for future crises.“Well, then, why not go to that stall over there and have something to drink? Nothing to be afraid of about that either.Water, electricity, rickshaw, vegetable and textbook have something in common.By constantly referring to the Constitution they use it as a 'living document', i.e., something that has real meaning in our lives.It can only create conditions for achieving something.This means that the person likes the idea of nuclear research and thinks it is something good.Well, whether Peggy felt badly or not, she, Maddie, had to do something.Similarly, we see other people of the service sector on the street pushing a cart or selling something where they may spend the whole day but earn very little.Gender is often mistakenly thought to be something that concerns women or girls alone.How can we possibly know about everything? And even when we do know about something, we often can't understand it completely, can we?” “Oh, yes!” breathed alli.I no sooner get into bed and begin to go off, when suddenly something in my left side gives a pull, and I can feel it in my shoulder and head.Others said that it was impossible to decide in advance the right time for doing something.

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