Somewhat example sentences

Surat in Gujarat was the emporium of western trade during the Mughal period along with Cambay (presentday Khambat) and somewhat later, Ahmedabad.In all the above situations, the nature and the identity of the initial substance have somewhat changed.A similar and somewhat tedious process is needed in case he desires to import some of the tools and raw materials for producing export quality products.As we will see later in the chapter, this was somewhat similar to the way the fourteenth-century poet Amir Khusrau used the word “Hind”.However, a few items of income and expenses of such orgnisations are somewhat different in nature and need special attention in their treatment in final accounts.Conversely, too little stress may cause one to feel somewhat listless and low on motivation which may lead us to perform slowly and less efficiently.For instance, suppose a person has a somewhat positive attitude towards empowerment of women.The study of time is made somewhat easier by dividing the past into large segments – periods – that possess shared characteristics.The imprinted image of Krishna or Saraswati was also intended to make the manufacture from a foreign land appear somewhat familiar to Indian people. Before 1857, developments in Delhi were somewhat different from those in other colonial cities.Different stressors may produce somewhat different patterns of stress reaction, and different individuals may have different characteristic modes of response.The crazed destruction wrought by the cyclone and the surge of the ocean continued for the next thirty-six hours, although wind speeds had reduced somewhat by the next morning.Customs clearance is a somewhat tedious process and calls for completing a number of formalities.Poverty refers to an actual shortage of the resources necessary for living, and thus can be somewhat objectively defined.How did you get this original manuscript?” James was surprised and somewhat uneasy.

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