String example sentences

Its data type is declared as Text because it is a string of characters not required for any calculations.Partial strings or sub-strings are specified by using * and range specification within rectangular brackets.The name of the column should be a string of contiguous characters.For Richard Ebright, it was the first in a long string of achievements in science and other fields.He would take them out for grazing during the day and talk to them as one talks to one's own children; at night he would bring them back to his little hut and put a string round the neck of each goat.The brilliance and skill of players like the great Dhyan Chand brought India a string of Olympic gold medals.This column refers to the first name of employee and its data type is declared as Text because it is meant to store string of alphabets.The word stress has its origin in the Latin words 'strictus', meaning tight or narrow and 'stringere', the verb meaning to tighten.In order to indicate to the government that untouchability was still being practised and in the most hideous manner, Dalit groups demanded new laws that would list the various sorts of violence against dalits and prescribe stringent punishment for those who indulge in them.ery often at night one of the goats would pull and pull at the string till it broke loose, and then would disappear in the hills beyond.” I remembered the years I'd spent trying to play a Spanish guitar considerably larger than I was; and how gleefully I had unstringed it one night.Sophie watched her back stooped over the sink and wondered at the incongruity of the delicate bow which fastened her apron strings.This field is meant to store the string of characters to express the category of account such as Expenses, Revenues, Assets and Liabilities.SQL allows comparison on sub-strings (that are some parts of a character string).Why, then, do we continue to associate history with a string of dates? This association has a reason.

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