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The stamens are the male reproductive part and the pistil is the female reproductive part.Could you identify the anther and the filament of a stamen? [Figureure 1 9 (a)].Such spatial arrangements of atoms which can be converted into one another by rotation around a C-C single bond are called conformations or conformers or rotamers.In angiosperms, the male sex organs (stamen) and female sex organs (pistil) are borne in a flower.The first animal to be tamed was the wild ancestor of the dog.सबसे पहले जिस जंगली जानवर को पालतू बनाया गया वह कुत्ता थाWhen I casually mentioned this to a friend, he as casually replied that I had better get one in the Tigris marshes, for there they were as common as mosquitoes, and were often tamed by the Arabs.People attract and then tame animals by leaving food for them near their shelters.लोगों ने अपने घरों के आस-पास चारा रखकर जानवरों को आकिर्षत कर उन्हें पालतू बनाया|Each stamen consists of a slender filament with an anther at the tip.

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