Temperature example sentences

These gases do not react with each other at a normal temperature.In addition, every plant organism has an optimum temperature range best suited for its growth.Despite that, on the surface of the moon, with no atmosphere, the temperature ranges from –190º C to 110º C.Platinum and palladium catalyse the reaction at room temperature but relatively higher temperature and pressure are required with nickel catalysts.In other words, low temperature is favourable for high yield of ammonia, but practically very low temperatures slow down the reaction and thus a catalyst is used.In an automobile engine, (at high temperature) when fossil fuel is burnt, dinitrogen and dioxygen combine to yield significant quantities of nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide.The external factors would include the availability of sunlight, temperature, CO2 concentration and water.None of them know that it is illegal for children like him to work in the glass furnaces with high temperatures, in dingy cells without air and light; that the law, if enforced, could get him and all those 20,000 children out of the hot furnaces where they slog their daylight hours, often losing the brightness of their eyes.These rocks form under the action of pressure, volume and temperature (P T) changes.The area has temperate climate with the temperatures rarely dropping below 0 degrees centigrade.In contact metamorphism the rocks come in contact with hot intruding magma and lava and the rock materials recrystallise under high temperatures.This implies maximum yield of products at mild temperature and pressure conditions.It is also required to calculate temperature dependence of equilibrium constant.Knowledge of this quantity is required when one needs to plan the heating or cooling required to maintain an industrial chemical reaction at constant temperature.These include just the right distance from the Sun, so that it has the right temperature range, the presence of water and suitable atmosphere and a blanket of ozone.

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