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And what was the Great Stone Face? The Great Stone Face was a work of nature, formed on the perpendicular side of a mountain by some immense rocks, which had been thrown together so that, when viewed at a proper distance, they resembled the features of a human face.Instead of throwing away used envelopes, you can reverse it and use it again.Thousands of weavers in India were now thrown out of employment.They also throw garbage, flowers, idols of gods and goddesses and non-biodegradable polythene bags into the river.Let us consider the following examples: when a fast moving cricket ball hits a stationary wicket, the wicket is thrown away.The numerical relationships throw light on many latent aspects of the business.A coup d'état (pronounced ku de'ta), or simply a coup, is the sudden overthrow of a government illegally.Throughout the nineteenth century, democracy in France was overthrown and restored several times.Some nationalists, liberals and radicals wanted revolutions to put an end to the kind of governments established in Europe in 181 In France, Italy, Germany and Russia, they became revolutionaries and worked to overthrow existing monarchs.The Bourbon kings who had been restored to power during the conservative reaction after 1815, were now overthrown by liberal revolutionaries who installed a constitutional monarchy with Louis Philippe at its head.Their struggle was to throw the foreigners and their ideas out of the country.The main intention was to restore the monarchies that had been overthrown by Napoleon, and create a new conservative order in Europe.The chieftain was a benevolent old man; his attendant … a youth who … spoke Russian … He had heard of the Revolution, which had overthrown the Tsar and driven away the Generals who conquered the homeland of the Kirgiz.But it occurred to him that if the fine gentleman thought he was an old acquaintance, he might perhaps throw him a couple of kronor.Sometimes untreated sewage is thrown directly into rivers.

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