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The conservationists were initially taken up with large animals like lions, tigers, elephants and rhinoceros.The tiger approached the bars, and allowed Grandfather to put both hands around his head.Some of these animals are tiger, lion, elephant, deer, black buck, crocodile, rhinoceros, snow leopard, ostrich and peacock.In the delta area, Bengal tiger, crocodiles and alligator are found.In India, killing of lions, tigers, deers, great Indian bustards and peacocks have been banned An international convention CITES has been established that lists several species of animals and birds in which trade is prohibited.Reserving a first class compartment for himself and Timothy—no one would share a compartment with them— Grandfather took him to Lucknow where the zoo authorities were only too glad to receive as a gift a well-fed and fairly civilised tiger.The tiger approached the bars, and allowed Grandfather to put both hands around his head.” “I remember your tiger very well,” said the keeper.The tiger was there, crouched in a corner, full-grown and with a magnificent striped coat.” The book was full of nice pictures and the pictures were in colour — dog, cat, goat, horse, parrot, tiger and a cow just like Lakshmi.TIMOTHY, the tiger-cub, was discovered by Grandfather in the Terai jungle near Dehra.With his face near the tiger's he mumbled, “Goodnight, Timothy,” and giving the keeper a scornful look, walked briskly out of the zoo.During the last few decades, some animals like tigers, elephants, rhinoceros, crocodiles, minks and birds were hunted mercilessly by poachers for their horn, tusks, hides, etc.This tiger was trapped in the hills only last month, and he is very dangerous!” Grandfather could think of nothing to say.Tigers, lions, elephants, langoors and monkeys are the common animals of these regions.

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