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However, as mentioned earlier, hormones are also secreted by some tissues which are not endocrine glands.Ovary is composed of ovarian follicles and stromal tissues.Its combination with other elements such as dihydrogen, dioxygen, chlorine and sulphur provides an astonishing array of materials ranging from living tissues to drugs and plastics.Skoog and his co-workers observed that from the internodal segments of tobacco stems the callus (a mass of undifferentiated cells) proliferated only if, in addition to auxins the nutrients medium was supplemented with one of the following: extracts of vascular tissues, yeast extract, coconut milk or DNA.The plants also use electrical-chemical means to convey this information from cell to cell, but unlike in animals, there is no specialised tissue in plants for the conduction of information.In keeping with the general principles of body organisation in multicellular organisms, specialised tissues are used to provide these control and coordination activities.The absorbed substances finally reach the tissues which utilise them for their activities.Target tissue metabolism and hence physiological functions are regulated by hormones.Serosa is the outermost layer and is made up of a thin mesothelium (epithelium of visceral organs) with some connective tissues.General principles for differentiation for cell, tissues and organs are similar.In animals, such control and coordination are provided by nervous and muscular tissues, which we have studied in Class .Why does vegetative phase precede flowering in a plant? All plant organs are made up of a variety of tissues; is there any relationship between the structure of a cell, a tissue, an organ and the function they perform? Can the structure and the function of these be altered? All cells of a plant are descendents of the zygote.Hormone-Receptor complex formation leads to certain biochemical changes in the target tissue.Prof Ahmad replied that they feed upon the dead plant and animal tissues and convert them into a dark coloured substance called humus.Insulin acts mainly on hepatocytes and adipocytes (cells of adipose tissue), and enhances cellular glucose uptake and utilisation.

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