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Can you now depict a molecule of water showing the nature of bonding between one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms? Does the molecule have single bonds or double bonds? What would happen in the case of a diatomic molecule of nitrogen? Nitrogen has the atomic number What would be its electronic configureuration and its combining capacity? In order to attain an octet, each nitrogen atom in a molecule of nitrogen contributes three electrons giving rise to three shared pairs of electrons.In day-to-day life, we often use the term depression to refer to normal feelings after a significant loss, such as the break-up of a relationship, or the failure to attain a significant goal.So two hydrogen atoms share their electrons to form a molecule of hydrogen, H This allows each hydrogen atom to attain the electronic configureuration of the nearest noble gas, helium, which has two electrons in its K shell.The atomic number of carbon is What would be the distribution of electrons in various shells for carbon? How many valence electrons will carbon have? We know that the reactivity of elements is explained as their tendency to attain a completely filled outer shell, that is, attain noble gas configureuration.These two groups of elements have high negative electron gain enthalpies and readily add one or two electrons respectively to attain the stable noble gas configureuration.Breaking the poverty cycle, and helping the poor to attain self-sufficiency — Initially, financial relief, medical and other facilities may have to be provided to the poor.ishnu in His grace helps the devotee to attain the bliss of union with Him.Thus, in order to attain equilibrium again reaction moves in the forward direction.In the case of carbon, it has four electrons in its outermost shell and needs to gain or lose four electrons to attain noble gas configureuration.

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