To reform example sentences

The question is: Are political parties willing to reform? If they are willing, what has prevented them from reforming so far? If they are not willing, is it possible to force them to reform? Citizens all over the world face this question.It is difficult to reform politics if ordinary citizens do not take part in it and simply criticise it from the outside.Besides these, many suggestions are often made to reform political parties: A law should be made to regulate the internal affairs of political parties.Her novel Padmarag also showed the need for women to reform their condition by their own actions.The cations/anions formed on ionization of salts either exist as hydrated ions in aqueous solutions or interact with water to reform corresponding acids/bases depending upon the nature of salts.This concluding chapter draws upon all that you have learnt in the last two years so as to address the fundamental questions of democratic politics : What are the challenges that democracy faces in our country and elsewhere? What can be done to reform democratic politics? How can our democracy become more democratic in its practice and outcomes? This chapter does not answer these questions.

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