To sell example sentences

The objective of the entrepreneur is to sell the commodities produced and earn profits.If the borrower fails to repay the loan, the lender has the right to sell the asset or collateral to obtain payment.Farmers now had greater amounts of surplus wheat to sell in the markets.He would have to look for a wheat growing farmer who not only wants to sell wheat but also wants to buy the shoes in exchange.They are small producers or petty traders who carry the products on a bicycle, a hand cart, a cycle-rickshaw or on their heads, and move from place to place to sell their merchandise at the doorstep of the customers.The government fixed prices at which grain must be sold, but the peasants refused to sell their grain to government buyers at these prices.Rs __________ is his profit on one shirt! If he is able to sell a large number of shirts, his profit will be higher.They are small producers or petty traders who carry the products on a bicycle or handcart or on their heads and move from place to place, to sell their goods at the doorstep of the customers.For example, if the sales had been 1,050, then not only the production of 1,000 shirts will be sold, the firm will have to sell 50 shirts out of the inventory.He wants to sell shoes in the market and buy wheat.In these calendars, once again, we see the figureures of gods being used to sell new products.Let us see how the persons who make advertisements decide on what images, text and personal emotions to use to sell the product.This forces her to sell her cotton at a lower price.As competition forces the manufacturer to add value to his sales, he finds the best way to sell the product on lease.She had to sell part of the land to repay the loan.

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