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As we mentioned in the beginning, the sum of final expenditures in the economy must be equal to the incomes received by all the factors of production taken together (final expenditure is the spending on final goods, it does not include spending on intermediate goods).In Delhi, a large number of ghazis or religious warriors came together to wipe out the white people.How could they be made to live together in one nation-state? To the problem of unity was added the problem of development.It was impossible for him to gather together the hundred pesos, so he was able to send the farmer only a little more than half.Deforestation, soil erosion, constructional activities, forest fires, tsunami and landslides are some of the human made and natural factors which together accelerate the process of extinction of these great natural resources.It offers better chances of a good decision, it is likely to respect people's own wishes and allows different kinds of people to live together.Who makes laws and rules to govern the seas that do not fall within the boundaries of any one country? Or who takes steps to control environmental degradation that threatens all the countries together.You do not become a group member the moment you come together.On receipt of the call amount together with interest, the amount of interest shall be credited to interest account while call money shall be credited to the respective call account or to calls-in-arrears account.These eleven countries together accounted for about 48 per cent of India's total trade (comprising of both the exports and imports) in 2003-0 India's trade in services have also undergone significant changes over the years in terms of both the volume and composition of trade.When people have common motives or goals, they get together and form a group which may facilitate their goal attainment.Together, they decided that in the search for a solution to the problems, nobody should be excluded, no one should be treated as a demon.Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims.She had been hoping they would take the teacher away altogether.In regional metamorphism, rocks undergo recrystallisation due to deformation caused by tectonic shearing together with high temperature or pressure or both.

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