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I amused her for perhaps 20 minutes with a scattering of urbane bons mots, then retired to the lavatory where I discovered that the pen had leaked and that my mouth, chin, tongue, teeth and gums were now a striking, scrub-resistant navy blue, and would remain so for several days.These receptors are usually located in our sense organs, such as the inner ear, the nose, the tongue, and so on.Anybody who showed a coated tongue was given a dose of castor oil; anybody with malaria fever received quinine plus castor oil; anybody with skin eruptions received ointment plus castor oil.Would her stammering tongue again disgrace her? For the sake of this kind woman, however, she decided to make an effort.The oral cavity has a number of teeth and a muscular tongue.It was ecstasy to feel its tongue against his hand.Saliva is mainly produced by three pairs of salivary glands, the parotids (cheek), the sub-maxillary/sub-mandibular (lower jaw) and the sublinguals (below the tongue).The upper surface of the tongue has small projections called papillae, some of which bear taste buds.Inside the mouth the teeth masticates the food, the tongue tastes the food and manipulates it for proper mastication by mixing with the saliva.The tongue is a freely movable muscular organ attached to the floor of the oral cavity by the frenulum.The teeth and the tongue with the help of saliva masticate and mix up the food thoroughly.Please always speak in mother-tongue.हमेशा मातृभाषा में बात कीजिये|

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