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It is a powerful reducing agent and reduces almost all metal oxides other than those of the alkali and alkaline earth metals, aluminium and a few transition metals.Twentieth century was full of the kind of stories we have read above: stories of transition to democracy, of challenges to democracy, of military coups, of struggles of the people to bring back democracy.These countries face the foundational challenge of making the transition to democracy and then instituting democratic government.In a way, transition metals form a bridge between the chemically active metals of s-block elements and the less active elements of Groups 13 and 14 and thus take their familiar name Transition Elements .It increases the rate of forward and reverse reactions that pass through the same transition state and does not affect equilibrium.Among transition metals (3d series), the change in atomic radii is much smaller as compared to those of representative elements across the period.In the case of transition elements, however, a reverse trend is observed.However, Zn, Cd and Hg which have the electronic configureuration, (n-1) d10ns2 do not show most of the properties of transition elements.Pakistan and Bangladesh made a transition from army rule to democracy in 1990s.This is particularly characteristic of transition elements and actinoids, which we shall study later.These two series of elements are hence called the Inner- Transition Elements (f-Block Elements).How did this come about? Let us hear Mandela, the first president of this new South Africa, on this extraordinary transition: “Historical enemies succeeded in negotiating a peaceful transition from apartheid to democracy exactly because we were prepared to accept the inherent capacity for goodness in the other.The change in atomic radii is still smaller among inner-transition metals (4f series).

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