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The crustal rocks (igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary) once formed may be carried down into the mantle (interior of the earth) through subduction process (parts or whole of crustal plates going down under another plate in zones of plate convergence) and the same melt down due to increase in temperature in the interior and turn into molten magma, the original source for igneous rocks.These green plants thus turn into green manure which helps in enriching the soil in nitrogen and phosphorus.Poor people suffer from chronic hunger because of their very low income and in turn inability to buy food even for survival.Its shape will turn into a cross with icon of list control.Each group now takes turn in guessing the correct answer.People who are an asset for the economy turn into a liability.Sedimentary rocks themselves can turn into fragments and the fragments can be a source for formation of sedimentary rocks.One invests in shares and bonds expecting higher return in the future.Investment in human resource (via education and medical care) can give high rates of return in the future.A child, too, with investments made on her education and health, can yield a high return in the future in the form of higher earnings and greater contribution to society.

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