Ultimate example sentences

Thus, sun is the ultimate source of energy for all living organisms.The basic premise is that the monetary authorities are the ultimate financiers of any deficit in the balance of payments (or the recipients of any surplus).Kidney transplantation is the ultimate method in the correction of acute renal failures (kidney failure).It may be noted that ultimately, the subscribed capital and issued capital are the same because if the number of share, subscribed is less than what is offered, the company allot only the number of shares for which subscription has been received.He taught that Brahman, the only or Ultimate Reality, was formless and without any attributes.These lymph vessels ultimately release the absorbed substances into the blood stream.But as long as the goods are sold to ultimate consumers, these will be treated as cases of retail selling.All animals, whether herbivores or carnivores, depend ultimately on plants for food.Ultimately, all living forms on earth depend on sunlight for energy.He was an advocate of Advaita or the doctrine of the oneness of the individual soul and the Supreme God which is the Ultimate Reality.This helps in ascertaining the ultimate position of each item at the end of an accounting period.Ultimately, he filed an application under the Right to Information Act asking for the daily progress made on his application, names of the officials, who were supposed to act on his application and what action would be taken against these officials for their inaction.The Indians resisted, won many victories in wars, but were ultimately forced to sign treaties, give up their land and move westward.Ultimately it makes a difference because all our lives are linked.This is because they see many positive qualities in that teacher; these positive qualities get linked to the subject that s/he teaches, and ultimately get expressed in the form of liking for the subject.

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