Worker example sentences

The highest paid among the workers are the tailors who get about Rs 3,000 per month.For instance, workers who receive their salaries at the end of each month have extra cash at the beginning of the month.For example, a positive attitude towards Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) for young children is more effectively created if community social workers and doctors spread the message by talking to people directly, than by only describing the benefits of ORS on the radio (see Figureure 3).Melani, like the millions of domestic workers across the country, is forced to endure the insults and hardship of working as a domestic help because she has no resources to set up something on her own.It resisted attempts by workers to run factories and began arresting leaders.He sorts out internal differences and maintains harmony among workers.It may be possible only when there is industrial peace in the factory and mutual cooperation between management and workers.The functions and performance of the supervisor are vital to any organisation because he is directly related with workers whereas other mangers have no direct touch with bottom level workers.Many new workers were employed and everyone was made to work longer hours.In the eyes of the law it is illegal or wrong to deny workers their wages.Protection and support to the unorganised sector workers is thus necessary for both economic and social development.This meant that each clothier was controlling hundreds of workers.On 14 August 1980, the workers of Lenin Shipyard in the city of Gdansk went on a strike.The most alert workers would form a “plug” in the doorway, and the whole mass piled up in the exit.In February 1917, food shortages were deeply felt in the workers' quarters.

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