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A manager may come across highly committed and hardworking staff or lazy, evasive and superficial workers.It is the common thread that runs through all activities such as purchase, production, sales, and finance to ensure continuity in the working of the organisation.The knowledge of areas which are working better helps you improve the situation further.This unit discusses the role of the government in providing public facilities as well as in implementing laws that apply to market, factory and the working conditions of people.Many working men and women who wanted changes in the world rallied around liberal and radical groups and parties in the early nineteenth century.My machine too kept working right through the night.The older boys were working in the field, while the smaller ones were playing near the house until the woman called to them all, “Come for dinner”.Can you think of some other institutions in this example? What is their role? Working with institutions is not easy.Before concluding this tour, let us take a close look at the nature and working of political parties, especially in our country.According to the Andhra Pradesh-based Safai Karamchari Andolan, an organisation working with manual scavengers, there are 13 lakh persons from Dalit communities who continue to be employed in this job in this country and who work in the 96 lakh private and community dry latrines managed by municipalities.The central government had asked state governments to develop plans to rescue and rehabilitate children who are working as domestic servants.Even after working in this factory for several years, she is a temporary worker and earns less than half of what she was earning earlier.For example, changes in government's economic policies, rapid technological developments, political uncertainty, changes in fashions and tastes of consumers and increased competition in the market — all influence the working of a business enterprise in important ways.This American dominance affects the working of international organisations.You may encourage the students to talk to various working people around them (such as shop owners, casual workers, vegetable vendors, workshop mechanics, domestic workers etc.

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