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It's a detective yarn at one level but it also delves into metaphysics, theology, and medieval history.They enhanced the output per worker, enabling each worker to produce more, and they made possible the production of stronger threads and yarn.Production requires a variety of raw materials such as the yarn used by the weaver and the clay used by the potter.So industrialists in India began shifting from yarn to cloth production.Most weaving units have about 2–8 powerlooms on which the yarn is woven into cloth.These traders purchase the yarn (thread) from others.When yarn was imported it was only of the superior variety.For example, using cotton fibre from the plant, we spin yarn and weave cloth.Thus a farmer producing cotton sells it to a spinning mill where the raw cotton undergoes transformation to yarn; the yarn is, in turn, sold to a textile mill where, through the productive process, it is transformed into cloth; the cloth is, in turn, transformed through another productive process into an article of clothing which is then ready to be sold finally to the consumers for final use.The yarn produced in Indian spinning mills was used by handloom weavers in India or exported to China.A merchant clothier in England purchased wool from a wool stapler, and carried it to the spinners; the yarn (thread) that was spun was taken in subsequent stages of production to weavers, fullers, and then to dyers.From 1906, moreover, the export of Indian yarn to China declined since produce from Chinese and Japanese mills flooded the Chinese market.It is used in making gunny bags, mats, ropes, yarn, carpets and other artefacts.Since yarn was not an important part of British imports into India, the early cotton mills in India produced coarse cotton yarn (thread) rather than fabric.The weavers get the yarn from the merchant and supply him the cloth.

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