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Factor meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Factor 
Usage of Factor: 1: Motivation is a very important factor in every individuals life. 2: Defecation is a necessary factor for every living being. 3: RH factor is a genealogical problem. 4: The chairman checked the inhibiting factor in the plan. 5: I built in a fudge factor of three percent . 6: Ruth was not a factor 7: Another factor is that many cylinders are amateur recordings 8: Kw is 10−14, a factor of 1010 smaller. 9: Obesity is a significant risk factor for many diseases 10: This factor may play a role in allowing certain strains to invade host tissue.
Factor ki paribhasha : apane apane vishayon le hndriyon ki nivratti vah vyakti jo kisa doosare ki or se koi kaam karane ke liye niyukt ho bhinn ki lakir ke oopar ki snkhya nyaayashaastraanusaar vaaky ka ek ansh ya bhed saarthak shabd ya vaaky vah ank jisase kisi ankako guna karen bngaaliyon ki jaatigat ek upaadhi ya all vivaah snbndh tay karaanevaala vyakti vyaakaran men sngya ya sarvanaam shabd ki vah avastha jisake dvaara vaaky men usaka kriya ke saath snbndh prakat hota hai

Factor synonyms
circumstance influence point component element thing part aspect consideration cause ingredient antecedent means agency instrument agent item portion board aid constituent instrumentality part and parcel fixin's makin's
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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