Far fetched meaning in hindi - Far fetched का मतलब हिंदी में 

Far fetched meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Far fetched 

Far fetched synonyms

bizarre eccentric forced illogical implausible incoherent inconsequential labored preposterous queer recondite strained strange suspicious unconvincing unlikely unnatural unrealistic hard to swallow indecisive unsure problematic insecure precarious uneasy unstable hazy undecided unsettled uncertain dicey debatable ambiguous borderline chancy contingent disreputable equivocal fat chance hazardous iffy inconclusive indefinite indeterminate indistinct long shot obscure open pending shady sneaky speculative suspect touch-and-go touchy clouded dubitable doubtable impugnable on thin ice unconfirmed up for grabs questionable skeptical unclear hesitant arguable unreliable reluctant diffident disputable fly-by-night moot perplexed undependable untrustworthy wavering mootable unconvinced touch and go trustless unassured untrusty insane imaginative singular ludicrous grotesque crazy outlandish ridiculous fanciful absurd weird odd exotic artificial capricious chimerical comical erratic extravagant extreme foolish freakish illusive irrational mad misleading nonsensical out of sight peculiar quaint wacky whimsical fictional hallucinatory suppositious phantasmagorical funny different unfamiliar alien external overseas offshore alienated antipodal barbarian barbaric borrowed distant expatriate extraneous extrinsic faraway immigrant imported inaccessible outside remote unaccustomed unexplored unknown derived far-off adopted estranged exiled extralocal from abroad nonnative nonresident not domestic not native transoceanic unconventional wild rare flimsy inconceivable slim unimaginable unsubstantial weak hundred-to-one not expected outside chance slim and none unheard of impossible out of the question phony untenable unthinkable incogitable insupposable rings phony astonishing too much cockeyed flaky harebrained kooky reaching scatterbrained screwy staggering thick beyond belief cockamamie for the birds full of holes lamebrained open to doubt past belief won't hold water won't wash biased senseless wrong stupid contradictory arbitrary silly inconsistent fallacious headstrong incongruous invalid loose off the wall opinionated quirky thoughtless vacant unreasoned all wet full of hot air reasonless wondrous amazing astounding awesome breathtaking divine extraordinary fabulous glorious out of this world prodigious remarkable sensational spectacular splendid stupendous superb terrific wonderful

Far fetched antonyms

believable plausible natural realistic determined undoubted settled trustworthy trusty stable confirmed unquestionable believing confident convinced trusting certain definite sure secure safe strong clear decided exact resolved indubious likely probable aboveboard honest reliable unambiguous doubtless positive undoubtful unobscure rational sane unimaginative credible usual logical sensible commonplace customary tiny unpleasant balanced reasonable normal ordinary regular familiar serious conventional plain little small bad poor truthful unsuspicious local national characteristic known relevant ostensible possible tenable probably imaginable terrible conceivable intelligent wise circumspect pragmatic correct right consistent practical cheap economical low

Usage of Far fetched in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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