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Fatigue meaning in hindi

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As noun : अंगशौथिल्य Ex:  he suffered from fatigue and emotional tension कसालत Ex:  Koufax pitched through fatigue and arthritic pain थकन Ex:  Weight gain and fatigue are commonly reported side effects of risperidone थकान Ex:  be exceeded fatigue उ:   थकान या कमजोरी अनुभव करना। थकावट Ex:  be exhausted with fatigue and need उ:   इसपर चढ़नेवाले को बेहद थकावट हो जाती थी। थाकिपु Ex:  be ground fatigue धमस Ex:  By analogy, it means Who is exhausted fatigue विषयात्मक Ex:  Costume, fatigue garment, one that puts to work शरीरसाद Ex:  Endure, suffer, endure fatigue श्रांति Ex:  Falling fatigue सादनी Ex:  It is not iron, is the fatigue that the human body can resist हराहरि Ex:  It is well recovered from his accident, except that fatigue quickly walking हलाकत Ex:  It means figuratively Whoever fatigue unwelcome scolding, insults by
As verb : थकाना Ex:  be exhausted fatigue
Other : आयास Ex:  Xocoatl was believed to fight fatigue क्लांति Ex:  The gassed men were an expression of trench fatigue ग्लानि Ex:  At least part of this was a product of fatigue उ:   हृदय में ग्लानि और क्षोभ और लज्जा से उनकी गर्दन झुकी हुई थी। थकना Ex:  A face shot , A face shot, thin, reflecting wear, fatigue माँदगी Ex:  By extension, the car Tiredness, fatigue of the horse, the fatigue caused by the movement of the car, the horse श्रम Ex:  Excessive fatigue Ride a Horse उ:   बाल श्रम अभी भी कुछ देशों में आम है। श्रान्त होना Ex:  He was formerly in a sense more restricted to those who voluntarily went to war without receiving pay and without forcing guards and other military functions that give only fatigue श्रान्ति Ex:  It is a strong man and resists work, fatigue
Fatigue ki paribhasha : parishram karate karate aur pirashram ke yogy na rahana kisi kaary ke snpaadan men honevaala shaaririk amyaas parishram karaate karaate ashakt karaana

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