Fear meaning in hindi | Fear ka matlab 

Fear meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fear 
Usage of Fear: 1: He has put the fear of God into this students so that they obey him. 2: He is in fear and trembling. 3: Due to fear of lion cattle stampeded towards the village. 4: the fear of God 5: Her voice trembled with fear when she got the news. 6: She was quivered with fear when she saw the thief. 7: Harrys fear for closed room was a syndrome of his being claustrophobic. 8: She does not fear death. 9: Don't fear at all. 10: Suppress your fear and go on with your work.
Fear ki paribhasha : kisi ko sahamane men pravratt karana ya ghabadahat men dal dena striyon ka ek rog jisamen unaki dharan ya garbhaashay apane sthaan se kuchh hat jaata hai aur jisamen rogi ko bahut aadhik pid hoti hai ek prasiddh manovikaar jo kisi aanevaali bhishan aapatti athava honevaali bhaari haani ki aashnka se utpann hota hai aur jisake saath us aapatti athava haani se bachane ki ichchha lagi rahati hai kisi anisht ya haani ki aashnka se aakul hona du:khapoorn manoveg lo kisi anisht ya haani ki aashnka se utpann hota aur us anisht va haani se bachane ke liye aakulata utpann karata hai

Usage of Fear in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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