Feature meaning in hindi | Feature ka matlab 

Feature meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Feature 
Other : रूपक
Usage of Feature: 1: Nose is an important feature of the face. 2: This is a feature film, not a documentary. 3: A feature called "Perfect Head" 4: Officially Rare said the feature was dropped due to "technical issues" 5: MGM began using Our Gang as a training ground for future feature directors 6: The New York Times and Life printed feature articles". 7: Hungarian spas feature Roman 8: TV commercials are still made which feature caricatures of Ruth. 9: A behind the scenes feature aired after the movie. 10: A feature that was used on the M4 Enigma was the "Schreibmax"
Feature ki paribhasha : kisi padaarth ka vah gun jisaka bodh drashta vah lakshan jisase kisi chij ki pahachaan ho vah kaavy jo paatron dvaara khela jaata hai ya jisaka abhinay kiya jaata hai kisi padaarth ki vah visheshata jisake dvaara vah pahachaana jaay khodakar ya kalam se banaaya hua belaboote ya phoolapatti aadi ka kaam

Feature synonyms
trait component detail element item aspect factor ingredient quality individuality point attribute hallmark peculiarity gimmick unit angle savor particularity specialty slant virtue gag constituent notability twist earmark idiosyncrasy facet property affection integrant speciality differential innovation draw headliner big show crowd puller drawing card main item prominent part column story piece report comment star emphasize advertise promote spotlight present stress accentuate blaze underscore underline italicize play up call attention to make conspicuous point up set off
Feature antonyms
whole quiet silence disregard ignore 
Usage of Feature in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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