Feel meaning in hindi | Feel ka matlab 

Feel meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Feel 
Usage of Feel: 1: the feel of the city excited him 2: he has a feel for animals 3: Temporariness of the company made him feel insecure. 4: I feel itchy all over my body. 5: I want to be unindebted as soon as possible so that I may not feel tension in my mind. 6: Dont feel downhearted,you will get better job. 7: I feel a lot better 8: The food in the marriage was stodge and made us all feel heavy. 9: `Dont you feel well? his mother asked solicitously 10: He can feel his way in the dark.
Feel ki paribhasha : gunadish sthir karane ke liye achchhi tarah dekhana bhaalana kisi vastu tak pahuanchakar usake kisi ang ko apane kisi ang se sataana ya lagaana do padaarthon ka tal aapas men milana kisi baat ko achchhi tarah jaan lena kisi vishay ki satyata ya vasatvata athava yogyata ya ayogyata ka nirnay karana vah gyaan jo saakshaat karane se praapt ho maaloom karane ke liye uangaliyon se chhoona ya dabaana do vastuon ka aapas men itana paas pahuanchana ki unake talon ka kuchh kuchh ansh aapas men sat ya lag jaay

Feel synonyms
impression atmosphere mood aura sense ambience feeling quality finish tactility sensation surface semblance vibes palpation taction try perceive caress twiddle manipulate fondle poke paw wield tickle grapple finger frisk test fumble grip handle ply palpate explore squeeze clasp pinch clutch grasp grope maul palm thumb apperceive run hands over enjoy taste accept see have seem suffer appear acknowledge suggest go through notice get welcome understand receive appreciate endure meet exhibit remark resemble savor comprehend note observe undergo encounter discern be affected be aware of be excited be impressed be sensible of be sensitive be turned on to get in touch get vibes have a hunch have funny feeling have vibes take to heart consider assume hold think guess suspect conclude gather conjecture intuit credit deduce deem suppose esteem presume judge repute infer surmise be convinced be of the opinion have the impression
Feel antonyms
manhandle release disbelieve overlook leave alone let go give lack need refuse reject renounce repudiate disallow ignore disregard surrender misunderstand want neglect yield miss turn away misinterpret be real measure forget abandon calculate 
Usage of Feel in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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