Ferry meaning in hindi | Ferry ka matlab 

Ferry meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ferry 
Usage of Ferry: 1: When does the ferry sail? 2: At many places in Goa ferry is used to cross the river. 3: Guangzhou is connected to Hong Kong by train, bus and ferry services. 4: Daily ferry sailings include an overnight steamer 5: Sydney is also served by extensive train, taxi, bus and ferry networks. 6: There are six ferry lines along the river Elbe, operated by the HADAG company. 7: Regular ferry services operate from Holyhead and Fishguard to Ireland. 8: A ferry also operates between Saipan and Tinian 9: This includes metro, tram, bus and ferry 10: TransLink, which provides bus, rail and ferry services.
Ferry ki paribhasha : kisi door tak phaili hui vastu ke visheshataः nadi, samudra, jhila, taal aadi jalaashayon ke aamane saamane ke donon kinaaron men us kinaare se bhinn kinaara jahaaan ya jisaki or apani sthiti ho uddhaar karane ya taaranevaala vyakti ek pratyay jo gunavaachak shabdon men lagakar doosare ki apeksha aadhiky gun men soochit karata hai naav aadi par chadhane ya utarane ka sthaan

Ferry synonyms
barge packet ferryboat packet boat passage boat tote send shuttle lug ship buck run bear convey schlepp chauffeur move across
Ferry antonyms
hold keep maintain 
Usage of Ferry in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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