Few and far between meaning in hindi | Few and far between ka matlab 

Few and far between meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Few and far between 
Few and far between synonyms
petty minority less scanty slight lean middling short minute scattering trifling exiguous imperceptible inconsequential insufficient meager negligible occasional paltry piddling scattered seldom skimpy slender slim some sporadic stingy thin uncommon inconsiderable not many not too many scarcely any semioccasional straggling unfrequent widely spaced odd exceptional isolated limited spasmodic stray unusual absent vacant negative tenuous airy baseless blank chimerical dead defunct departed dreamy empty ethereal extinct flimsy gone groundless hypothetical illusory imaginary imagined immaterial insubstantial legendary lost missing mythical null null and void shadowy unreal unsubstantial vague vaporous hallucinatory imponderable dreamlike extinguished fancied gossamery passed away passed on perished ungrounded without foundation singular extraordinary strange unlikely subtle unique unthinkable attenuate deficient inconceivable out of the ordinary rarefied unimaginable unwonted attenuated recherchã© subtile unheard of failing shy wanting at a premium in short supply seldom met with shortened truncated inadequate poor spare dispersed scrimpy magnificent outstanding preeminent remarkable towering
Few and far between antonyms
consequential useful large many much important major significant big fat tall thick frequent usual common regular full constant often existing real actual existent true sufficient standard commonplace typical worthless familiar normal ordinary cheap well-done adequate satisfactory ample plentiful abundant enough lush 
Usage of Few and far between in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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